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São Paulo is a Brazilian city, the capital of the state of São Paulo and the main financial, corporate and trade center of Latin America.

Carefully designed by multi-nationalities, cultures, beliefs, backgrounds and thoughts, the great pioneer metropolis is truly cosmopolitan, by vocation and adoption. It is Italian, German, Jew, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arabian, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian, and Paulistana. These and so many other features are present in the architecture of the buildings, streets, refined taste of its gastronomical suggestions and in the garments and grimaces of a people that can’t stop, day-by-day writing in a valuable fashion the City’s history.



The City is home of the biggest hotel complex in Latin America, the most complete hospital center in the country and concentrates in its territory the major Brazilian cultural center. It is even one of the international gastronomy capitals, a fixed destination for huge world-famous events, fairs, and exhibitions, renowned academic and research Center Headquarters, among other references.

For more information about the city of São Paulo, access: www.cidadedesaopaulo.com/sp/en