Conference Reception 

This event marks the end of the  first day conference and will reinforce your presence with all attendees.

US$ 15,000 ou R$ 40.500


All conference attendees will register through the website and receive reminders and details of the registration. On site, the registration area will also be a key point of visitor traffic.

US$ 12,000 ou R$ 32.400

Industry Solutions Session at the Conference

Hosts a Session on Industry Solutions during the conference schedule. These sessions allow you to directly show leadership and attention to attendees.

US$ 15,000 ou R$ 40.500

Customized Bags

Connect with all attendees by sponsoring customized bags, which will be distributed on registration.

US$ 9,000 ou R$ 25.650


Place your company´s logo on the badge holder - mandatory item for all attendees.

US$ 4,000 ou R$ 10.800

Conference Guide

Increase your visibility by sponsoring the conference minutes, which will be distributed to all attendees. *Details of the art will be specified by HIMSS.

US$ 8,000 ou R$ 21.600

Shuttle Bus

Bolster your participation in the bus that will pick up the participants at São Paulo three main subway stations and will bring them to the Event.

US$ 3,500 ou R$ 9.450

Meeting Rooms

Increase your visibility by sponsoring a hospitality lounge. Your company´s banner will be seen by major buyers and VIPs who will use the room for private business discussions and networking.

*For Gold and Silver Sponsors only. Buffet charged separately.

US$ 8,000 ou R$ 21.600

Conference Pens

Each attendee will receive a pen. They will see your company´s logo every time they use it to take notes.

US$ 4,000 ou R$ 10.800

Message boards (multiple locations)

Reinforce your brand and message in high traffic areas on the exhibition floor.

US$ 1,000 ou R$ 2.700

Half-page Advertisement

Leverage the reach of our conference brochure by placing an advertisement to share your latest products, or increase the visibility of your brand.

US$ 2,400 ou R$ 6.480

Welcome Coffee or Cocktai

Ofereça um welcome coffee ou cocktail pós-evento para até 30 clientes em sala exclusiva.

US$ 6,000 ou R$ 16.200