Conceived by managers from five hospitals in the greater São Paulo, the ABCIS started its activities in 2012 with the mission to promote the exchange of knowledge and practices in Information Technology in the Health segment, being an active change agent for the betterment of the industry.

One of the activities of ABCIS is the ever closer integration with the various functions that comprise the areas of health where IT is inserted in order to improve quality and patient care. 

The ABCIS seeks the involvement of institutions' CIOs acting to ensure the most correct use of information technology, focusing mainly on innovation without losing sight of the security operation, benefiting the patient and consequently the business.

With this focus area integration, the ABCIS partnered with ABCLIN - Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering, leading in their events this theme. It also started work on the areas of nursing in COREN-SP - Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

The board of ABCIS now has the support of a medical adviser, a counselor nursing a Clinical Engineering Advisor and a director of strategic planning and IT segment, aligning the interests of the association with their goals.

REGIONAL: Salvador, Recife, Ontario, Inside SP, Rio de Janeiro and South Region